Vida Zamora

Documentarist and Writer delving into the intricate tapestry of intersectionality, dialect, and historicity through an unyielding lens firmly rooted in resistance and dissent.

Vida's ethos embodies stark materialism, dissecting and challenging discourses that dominate race, gender, and class in the Americas. Their process confronts entrenched roles and doctrines through direct address and action, democratizing mediums historically unavailable to marginalized voices.

Vida advocates for "Kuxlejal" life-affirming processes through Mutual Aid as a world-making practice, yet vocalizes through a disciplinary width span that borrows from decolonial and socialist theories.


2024 (Expected) NYU/The Rolling Stone, Modern Journalism Certificate, NY
2023 Maryland Institute College of Art, Humanistic Studies in Creative Writing, MD
2023 Maryland Institute College of Art, Film, and Video, Min Sound Art, MD
2018 Instituto de Cinema, Film Intensive Certificate, São Paulo

Professional Appointments

2024 Collaborative Studio Producer, Union Docs, NY
2021-2023. Film Cage Technician, JHU-MICA, Baltimore, MD
2023 1st Assistant Director., MANGR, Dir. Jimmy Joe Roche
2023 Video Content Producer, 2Betties, Baltimore, MD. 
2023 Sound Mixer, Foraged Documentary, Dir. Renee Fisher
2023 Executive Producer, Director, and Editor "Ojos Que No Ven"
2023 Editor/ Writer “Under Western Eyes” (Thesis Dissertation)
2022 Multimedia Producer and Marketing Intern, Liquid Sky Artist C; Portugal.
2022 Teaching Assistant, MD Inst. College of Art, MD (Synesthesia, Interactive Arts)
2022 Documentary and Filmmaker, Benefit Fashion Show, Baltimore, MD.
2021 Screenplay Consultant, “Something Wild” Dir. Fernando G. Andrade 
2020-2021 Post-Production Manager (COVID),, MD 
2019-2020 Filmmaker, First Friday’s Group, MD
2019 Public Relations Apprenticeship for Sax Logistics, São Paulo, Brazil.
2019 3rd Assistant DP, “Hurricane.” Dir. Lucas Cainã (Bootleg), Sao Paulo
2018-2019 Content Creator,, Sao Paulo 
2018 Director/ Editor, “Teleology,” Chor. Paola Montelongo, Guadalajara
2018 Content Creator, Tevê Pixel, ESPM, Sao Paulo 


2023 Yoga District, BIPOC, and Queer Community, Washington, DC.
2020-2021 Baltimore Community Food, Baltimore, MD. 
2017 Fundação Casa Grande, CE, Brazil.

Grants/ Scholarships

2024 Co-LAB Fellowship, Union Docs, NY
2022 Internship Fellowship in Creative Entrepreneurship 
2022 Dr. Frankie Martin Diversity & Inclusion Grant
2020 and 2021 MICA Competitive Scholarship - Video Department Award
2019 The DaVinci Award
2019 Starr Foundation Scholarship
2019 MICA Dean’s Grant
2019 MICA Presidential Scholarship

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Lion International Film Festival, Italy.
2023 FISURA Festival de Cine Independiente, Mexico.
2023 MICA, Thesis Dissertation Exhibition, MD.
2023 MICA, Humanistic Studies Symposium, MD.
2023 MICA, Senior Thesis Screening, Art Walk, MD.
2022 Nuestras Raíces, LSU, MD.
2022 Student Film Festival. MICA-JHU, MD
2021, 2022, 2023 The Vigil, Sound Art, MICA, MD
2021 Wunderkammer, MICA, MD.
2020 Lingering, KSA, MD.
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